By far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK, wrinkle smoothing injections continue to more popular than ever this year.

Botulinum toxin (which has several trade names e.g. Botox® or Azzalure®) is the agent which is used to relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles that we would rather not have.

With this procedure, dynamic lines are gently softened for up to 4 months at a time and with repeated treatments; the lines may become softer and softer. Unlike surgery, the procedure is quick, minimally uncomfortable and completed in a few minutes.

Results take about 2-7 days to appear and ideally you should visit with your doctor again 2 weeks after the injections so that the effect can be assessed properly and recorded for future treatments. Like any medical procedure, there can be some side effects and limitations – but these will be clearly and carefully explained to you before your doctor even picks up the syringe!

Wrinkle relaxing injections are used often in combination with dermal fillers and other facial aesthetic treatments for a refreshed look – like a non surgical lifting effect that is less invasive and with less downtime than surgery.

Did you also know that Botulinum treatment can be used to diminish underarm sweating for months at a time? Although licensed and most commonly used to soften lines in the upper face; Botulinum injections can even be used to slim the appearance of the lower face with modern techniques to give sharper definition to the jaw line.

Dermal fillers
Another way to soften lines and plump the facial skin is to use filler injections and the agent used now is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, a sugar based molecule that is naturally present in young skin tissues.

We see it included more and more these days in premium skincare ranges because in its non-linked form it is a wonderful hydrator and attracts up to 1000 times its weight in water! We can use a three visit course of these micro-injections over aged, dull and dry skin areas to restore radiance and hydration to boost the appearance of the skin. This is like an injectable moisturiser that works deeper than any over the counter product you may be using!

The other type of hyaluronic acid is cross linked and can be used to return volume back into areas of the skin that are showing signs of sagging or have lost support.

Depending on the brand of filler, the results can last from a few months to more than a year and nearly all brands stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen around the filler for a longer lasting effect. Commonly treated areas are the nose to mouth lines, the lines from the corner of the lips (marionette lines), cheeks, and of course lips to give fullness and definition.

There are over 100 different brands in the UK alone and we at Bridge Dental only use brands that have been subjected to strict testing and research. At consultation we can describe the different ones available and select the most appropriate one for your treatment together.

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