As with many things, over the last 20 years dentistry has been transformed by advances in technology. The rapid development of the micro chip and it’s applications has affected many aspects of life and dentistry is no different. We start before you even visit the dentist! At Bridge Dental we use text messages to remind our patients of their appointments. We also utilise emails, Facebook and Twitter to communicate any information or offers available at the practice. Theres also our online booking system at

Dental procedures themselves have been transformed to provide alternatives to the traditional fillings and crowns. Starting with the check up, if x-rays are needed digital technology allows us to reduce radiation to up to 80% compared to traditional ‘wet film’ x-rays. Images are quickly processed while you are still in the surgery and as the resulting pictures are larger and clearer with tools to zoom in and measure amongst others. This allows us to be able to spot problems and deal with them at an earlier stage.

If you do need treatment at Bridge Dental we are one of the few practices to have the ‘Cerec’ technology. This allows us to create porcelain covers (inlays and onlays) and crowns in one visit. Usually two visits are needed, at the first you would have to be numbed up, have the tooth prepared, have moulds or impressions, a temporary cover is then fitted. At the second you are numbed up again, the temporary cover is removed and the final one fitted. With the Cerec procedure this is all done in one visit. This uses a CadCam system where the tooth is prepared, and then a 3d camera takes images. From these pictures, a final cover or crown can be designed and a milling machine creates this restoration from a block of porcelain. Advantages over the traditional system includes being only numbed once, no temporary covers which can come off, no moulds or impressions and it is all done at one visit.

Another application of advanced technology we use at Bridge Dental are our DVD glasses. We have a library of films, documentaries and sports DVDs for you to choose from in the reception area. You then are able to watch this during the procedure and we find this transforms the experience of longer dental visits and greatly helps reduce any anxiety.

At the forefront of current dentistry are dental implants. These are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. They then integrate and fuse to the bone allowing crowns, bridges and dentures to be attached to them. Through research and computer aided designing, they have improved over the years to the extent that they are now the recommended replacement for missing teeth. To aid in the

placement of them we now use advanced scanning techniques. This allows us to view the jawbone in 3d which allows us to be far more accurate when implants are inserted. The same imaging is now being utilised to help to make certain types of bridgework that can be made and fitted when the implants are inserted.

There are an ever growing range of uses of digital technology and further applications are not far away. At Bridge Dental we are at the forefront of these where they have been proven and tested to be an ideal solution for our patients. To schedule a visit to us please book online at, email us at or call us on 0207 4072174.

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