In the UK the importance of your smile has historically been low on the priority list. We are in the process of catching up with many other countries now we know how effective a good smile is. Research has shown how a good smile improves confidence, which has a knock on effect socially and professionally. How we are perceived by others has also been proved to be affected by our teeth. Studies show that people with healthy looking smiles are regarded as more successful and more attractive. Again, the benefits professionally, socially and romantically are well documented.

We used to think that improving the look of your teeth or cosmetic dentistry was for film stars and celebrities. But with the advanced cosmetic dental training courses available in the UK in the past few years, these techniques are much more accessible and affordable than ever. If you are searching for appropriately trained dentists, look for those with some form of accredited training in the field. Memberships of a cosmetic dental society are an indication of experience. You should ask the dentist about their experience and memberships before embarking on any form of cosmetic dentistry.

When deciding on the treatments that you want to undertake to improve your smile, you should always try to choose the least invasive method possible. This means the techniques that avoid using a drill on your teeth! It also has the additional benefit of being a cheaper option as well. These techniques include teeth whitening and direct veneers. Teeth whitening is well known, and for the most effective methods you should choose to have it done by a dentist. Although more expensive at first, the results tend to be much better and longer lasting. The best proven method is the take home system where you apply Whitening gel into a custom made thin mouth guard. This is then worn overnight for 14 to 28 nights.

Direct veneers are tooth coloured filling materials that are bonded just onto the surfaces of the teeth. They can be done in one visit, in most cases do not involve trimming the teeth, and are much cheaper than porcelain veneers. The disadvantages are that they are not as smooth as porcelain and may stain over time. They can be repaired but this may incur additional future costs 2 to 5 years later.

Another method of improving your smile without the need for any extensive removal of tooth tissue involves orthodontic treatment. This consists of moving teeth using braces. There are now different forms of braces, not just the ‘train track type’. An increasingly popular choice is the clear braces systems now available. The most well-known one is Invisalign, and at Bridge Dental, being Platinum accredited, we have been at the forefront of this technology for several years.

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