The cost of your dental treatment should be one less worry to think about and that is why we offer competitive finance packages starting from interest-free options. All arrangements are subject to status. Please speak with our reception team or click here for further information.

New patient exam inclusive of small xrays£85.00
Emergency appointment for non-register patient£95.00
Recall examination inclusive of small xrays£85.00
Pan oral X-ray£90 (existing patient £60)
Hygienist 30min appt£85.00
Extended Hygienist Appointment£170.00
Periodontal Treatment (treatment dependant on individual plan.)
Initial Consulation£120.00
White fillings - Composite/Glass Ionomer£110-190 dependent on complexity
Root Canal Treatment
Consultation for Root Canal Treatment inc small xrays£50
First stage for pain alleviation£390
Complete root canal treatment
Incisors/ Canines/ Premolar£780
Root canal re-treatmentprice dependent on complexity
ZirconiaFrom £795.00
Emax Cosmetic Crown/VeneersFrom £950.00
GoldFrom £950.00
Post and core for CrownFrom £150.00
Consultation - Inc X Rays£120.00
Dental ImplantFrom £3000-£3500
Bone Augmentationprice on consultation
Enlighten Home Kit£550.00
Enlighten Evolution Combination Whitening (Home Kit and In-Surgery) -£695.00
Clear Braces and Orthodontics
Invisalign Consultation With DentistFree
SIngle archFrom £2500
Upper and lowerFrom £3000
Orthodontic Specialist Consultation£80.00 inc xrays
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction£250.00
Surgical Extraction£450.00
Facial Rejuvenation
Lip Enhancement From £250
Perioral Sculpting From £200
Cheek Augmentation From £295
Hand Fillers From £550
Glabellar/Frown lines From £165
Frontalis/ Forehead Lines From £195
Orbicularis Crow Lines From £175
Hyperhidrosis/ Excessive sweating From £465
Platysmal Bands (Nefertiti Lift/ Neck Lifting) From £350
Masseter "The Wide Set Jaw" From £275
Brow Lift From £165
Bunny Lines /Nasalis From £95
Gummy Smile /Levator Labii Superioris From £200
Smokers Lines/ Perioral Lines From £180
Downturned Corners Of The Mouth From £175
Pebble/Dimpled Chin/Mentalis From £180
Nasolabial Folds/ Nose To Mouth Lines From £260
Corner Of The Mouth/ Marionette Lines From £275