For amounts from £1000, we can arrange an interest free payment plan to spread the cost of your treatment. Discounted APR rates available for terms over 12 months. Subject to status.

New patient exam inclusive of small xrays£85.00
Emergency appointment for non-register patient£95.00
Recall examination inclusive of small xrays£85.00
Pan oral X-ray£90 (existing patient £60)
Hygienist 30min appt£85.00
Extended Hygienist Appointment£170.00
Periodontal Treatment (treatment dependant on individual plan.)
Initial Consulation£120.00
White fillings - Composite/Glass Ionomer£110-190 dependent on complexity
Root Canal Treatment
Consultation for Root Canal Treatment inc small xrays£50
First stage for pain alleviation£390
Complete root canal treatment
Incisors/ Canines/ Premolar£780
Root canal re-treatmentprice dependent on complexity
ZirconiaFrom £795.00
Emax Cosmetic Crown/VeneersFrom £950.00
GoldFrom £950.00
Post and core for CrownFrom £150.00
Consultation - Inc X Rays£120.00
Dental ImplantFrom £3000-£3500
Bone Augmentationprice on consultation
Enlighten Home Kit£550.00
Enlighten Evolution Combination Whitening (Home Kit and In-Surgery) -£695.00
Clear Braces and Orthodontics
Invisalign Consultation With DentistFree
SIngle archFrom £2500
Upper and lowerFrom £3000
Orthodontic Specialist Consultation£80.00 inc xrays
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction£250.00
Surgical Extraction£450.00
Facial Rejuvenation
Lip Enhancement From £250
Perioral Sculpting From £200
Cheek Augmentation From £295
Hand Fillers From £550
Glabellar/Frown lines From £165
Frontalis/ Forehead Lines From £195
Orbicularis Crow Lines From £175
Hyperhidrosis/ Excessive sweating From £465
Platysmal Bands (Nefertiti Lift/ Neck Lifting) From £350
Masseter "The Wide Set Jaw" From £275
Brow Lift From £165
Bunny Lines /Nasalis From £95
Gummy Smile /Levator Labii Superioris From £200
Smokers Lines/ Perioral Lines From £180
Downturned Corners Of The Mouth From £175
Pebble/Dimpled Chin/Mentalis From £180
Nasolabial Folds/ Nose To Mouth Lines From £260
Corner Of The Mouth/ Marionette Lines From £275