Tooth loss has a considerable impact on everyday life. Many of its consequences are well known: missing teeth affect self-confidence and make speaking and eating more difficult. But most patients ignore that multiple missing teeth can also cause problems in their bite and joints, which can lead to severe pain disorders if they are not solved on time. 

Dentists do their best to preserve natural teeth. Still, if tooth loss is inevitable, they encourage patients to seek tooth replacement alternatives as soon as possible to prevent further inconveniences. There are multiple treatment alternatives for missing teeth – dentists know that each patient has different needs and possibilities. One of them is removable dentures.

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Removable dentures

Removable dentures are the most traditional treatment for tooth loss. They are an affordable alternative that can last for years as long as they are well maintained and checked yearly. These dentures are only worn daily and deeply cleaned at night while the patient sleeps, so they are considered a genuinely hygienic solution.

Depending on how many teeth they replace, removable dentures can be classified into two types.


Complete dentures replace all missing teeth in a dental arch. They are entirely acrylic: fake teeth are made of tooth-colour acrylic, and the rest of the denture is made of pink acrylic that imitates gums’ colour and texture. Upper and lower dentures are similar; the only difference is that the upper ones cover the palate for better retention.

These dentures are kept in place by natural suction and dental adhesives. As long as the denture is in good condition and well-adapted, they can offer great comfort while eating and talking. The main drawback is that, as the jawbone is constantly changing its shape and structure due to bone resorption, complete dentures require constant relining and adjustments and must be replaced more often than other alternatives.


Partial dentures are a suitable alternative for those patients that suffer from multiple teeth loss but still have healthy teeth in the dental arch. They use adjacent teeth for retention and support, which are more comfortable than complete dentures.

Depending on the patient’s needs and possibilities, they can be made of a robust and custom-made metal framework or simply acrylic-like complete dentures.

Although some people may feel reluctant about having a metal framework in their mouths, these dentures are thinner and more resistant than the acrylic ones, making them more comfortable and durable.


Snap-in dentures

Another type of denture that has become popular in recent years is snap-in dentures. These dentures, also known as implant-supported or implant-retained dentures, look similar to traditional dentures: they are also removable and usually made of acrylic. However, the main difference is that snap-in dentures are retained by dental implants surgically placed along the jawbone. These dentures have better retention, which increases comfort and durability, but they certainly have a higher cost and require a more significant commitment from the patient.


 If you have lost multiple teeth and think you can benefit from a removable denture or want to learn more about this treatment, book an appointment with Dr Raj Dubal! He will evaluate your case and give you an honest opinion on how to solve your dental problem.

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