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IV Dental Sedation at Bridge Dental

For many patients, the prospect of dental treatments can be unsettling. To make your experience as smooth as possible, we at Bridge Dental offer IV sedation by our qualified professionals.

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Understanding IV Sedation

At Bridge Dental, our commitment is to ensure your comfort at every step. One of the ways we achieve this is through IV Sedation. This method introduces sedative medications directly into your bloodstream, leading to a state of profound relaxation. It’s designed to alleviate any apprehensions you might have, ensuring that even though you remain semi-conscious, the experience is smooth and many patients often recall little about the procedure itself. With our team’s expertise, we strive to make your dental journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Your Experience with IV Sedation at Bridge Dental

Consultation: To determine if IV sedation is right for you, we’ll:

    • Review your medical history.
    • Offer a one-on-one consultation to address any concerns, ensuring the process is safe and comfortable and give you a chance to meet our caring team.

On the Day:

  • Depth of Relaxation: The specific medications and dosages can be tailored to provide moderate to deep relaxation, ensuring you remain comfortable.
  • Administration: A qualified dentist or dental anaesthetist will carefully insert a thin needle, typically into your arm or hand.
  • Safety First: We’ll monitor vital signs throughout, ensuring you’re safe at every step.

After Your Procedure:

    • Recovery: You may feel drowsy post-procedure. For this reason, we recommend having someone accompany you home.
    • Guidance: We’ll provide specific post-sedation care instructions to make your recovery as smooth as possible.

Is IV Sedation Right for You?

IV sedation is ideal for:

  • Those with significant dental anxiety.
  • Patients undergoing lengthy or complex procedures.

Individuals with unique needs, such as a strong gag reflex or those who find it challenging to stay still.

Our Commitment

We aim to ensure every patient receives exceptional dental care in the most comfortable environment. With IV sedation, we hope to make your dental journey as relaxed as possible. Trust in our trained and experienced professionals to guide you safely through the process.

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