Medical Aesthetics

Our Medical Aesthetics Services offer practical, a treatments to improve your appearance. We focus on effective, proven techniques tailored to your specific needs, ensuring genuine results and enhanced self-confidence.

Choose from a selection of treatments aimed at various aesthetic goals. From subtle enhancements to notable changes, we focus on achievable, realistic outcomes, tailored to each individual.

Table of Contents

Facial Aesthetics Services

Discover the art of enhancing natural beauty with our range of specialised facial aesthetic treatments. Each service is designed with your well-being in mind, combining advanced techniques with personalised care to rejuvenate, restore, and enhance your natural features

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Turn back the clock on ageing with our Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Utilising Botox and other botulinum toxin injections, this treatment relaxes facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, preventing new ones from forming. Experience a more youthful appearance with visible reduction in ageing signs.

Dermal Fillers

Replenish your skin’s natural fullness with our Dermal Fillers. Infused with hyaluronic acid, these fillers restore volume lost due to ageing, enhancing lips, cheeks, and chin while smoothing out fine lines. Embrace a rejuvenated look that radiates from within.

Polynucleotide Treatment (Under Eyes)

Brighten and rejuvenate your under-eye area with our Polynucleotide Treatment, an innovative alternative to traditional fillers. This natural DNA-based solution stimulates collagen and elastin production, effectively smoothing fine lines and reversing signs of ageing with minimal downtime.

Fat Dissolving

Sculpt your face and body with our Fat Dissolving treatments. Targeting unwanted fat deposits with lipolytic injections, this non-surgical approach effectively eliminates stubborn fat, including double chin, upper arms, and more, for a refined and contoured silhouette.

ZO Skin – Medical Grade Skincare

Elevate your skincare regime with ZO Skin, a line of medical-grade products by Dr. Zein Obagi. Tailored to individual skin types and concerns, these products aim to achieve optimal skin health, leaving your skin smooth, firm, and radiant.


Experience the revolutionary Profhilo treatment for enhanced skin tone, texture, hydration, and radiance. Ideal for various areas, including the face, neck, and hands, this treatment offers significant improvements in skin laxity with minimal downtime.

Revitalise your skin with our Mesotherapy/Microneedling treatment. This minimally invasive procedure activates natural collagen production, addressing acne scars, fine lines, and sagging skin. Achieve a smoother, firmer, and more youthful complexion.

Hair Rejuvenation Therapy 

Restore your hair’s vitality with our Hair Rejuvenation Therapy. Suitable for both men and women, this treatment reduces thinning and stimulates hair growth. For enhanced results, consider combining it with PRP therapy.

ZO Stimulator Chemical Peel

Reveal a brighter, more even complexion with our ZO Stimulator Chemical Peel. Ideal for treating acne, pigmentation, and age spots, this superficial peel refreshes your skin, promoting cell turnover for a glowing appearance.

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