The Impact of Working from Home, During the Coronavirus Lockdown, on Dental Health


We have recently conducted a study that looked at how working from home during the period of the Coronavirus social distancing measures, impacted on behaviours which affect oral hygiene. The study ass...

Cosmetic dentistry or how to improve your smile and boost your confidence!


In the UK the importance of your smile has historically been low on the priority list. We are in the process of catching up with many other countries now we know how effective a good smile is. Researc...

Digital Dentistry


As with many things, over the last 20 years dentistry has been transformed by advances in technology. The rapid development of the micro chip and it’s applications has affected many aspects of l...


Gum Disease Advice


Gum disease or to give it it’s medical term, Periodontitis, is an extremely common condition and we are only just realising the overall impact it has on general health. Research has now revealed...


Root Filling Or Dental Implant?


What is a root filling, why are they so expensive and why do they fail? Should I have a root filling or dental implant? Dentistry, as with all forms of medicine continues to evolve with the ever incre...


Wrinkle smoothing injections


By far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK, wrinkle smoothing injections continue to more popular than ever this year. Botulinum toxin (which has several trade names e.g. Botox® or A...

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